Winter '17 campaign with e.g.etal jewellery!

May 26, 2017

Winter '17 campaign with e.g.etal jewellery!

For our Winter '17 campaign we were thrilled to partner with contemporary  jewellery store e.g.etal. It was easy to find something beautiful to compliment every scarf.

Cassie wears Lauren Trojkovic 'Concrete' earrings in Sterling silver, with our Atlantic silk scarf. More examples of Lauren's earrings below, using white faceted Corian stones on hinged sterling silver, left pair set with parti sapphires.


Cassie wears Claire Taylor 'India Cuff', sterling silver with garnets & lapis-lazuli, a gorgeous match with the deep blues and rust of our Atlantic silk scarf.


The organic quality of Jane Reilly's 'Bubbles & Squeak' necklace sits beautifully with our Things are Electric Deep Spring silk scarf. Jane's work is inspired by the everyday objects she sees around her. Each piece is handpainted with detail etched into the copper or silver surface. The textural, painterly finish of the scarf print is a perfect match with the organic nature of the Jane's jewellery. More examples below.



The gold lustre in Jo Hawley's earrings made them the obvious choice for our Succi silk scarf, bringing out the warm tones in the print. Cassie wears 'Pod' with images of 'Half Pod' sterling silver with 24t yellow gold, below.


Emma Jane Dodd earrings 'Sphere Hoops' made from oxidised sterling silver and enamel paint. Emma's work marrys the aesthetic worlds of the organic and industrial. We love the white version on Cassie wearing the DUSK Wool Wrap.

These earrings are part of Laura Eyles' Pom Pom Park series, inspired by time spent in the Bungle Bungles. Earthy coloured enamel is offset against the oxidised silver and work perfectly with the warm tones in the Stella silk print. I wanted to keep these!

A huge thanks to e.g.etal for sharing some of their stunning collection with us.          After all, an outfit without a scarf and a piece of jewellery is no outfit at all! 

eg.etal 167 Flinders Lane Melbourne