About us


Things are Electric emerged from the KSJ Design Studio in Melbourne Australia,  in 2012, as an avenue for the owners to foster their love of art, painting & print design.

The scarf designs are created by the artists in our studio, with the final prints coming to fruition with any combination of painting, illustration, photography and digital techniques.

 “Using silk as the final ‘canvas’ is so rewarding” says Kate Sellars-Jones, the principal designer for Things are Electric. “The colours and textures created in the original artwork translate so faithfully onto silk. In fact the result is even better than the original, the work benefiting from the beautiful characteristic shimmer that silk possesses.”

While we love to keep an eye on what’s happening in the eclectic and creative side of the fashion industry our scarves are timeless pieces of art which are designed to be an enduring collectable addition to your wardrobe.  Each design has a limited edition run, maintaining our commitment to producing beautiful and unique pieces……. ART WORTH WEARING.